Thursday, January 1, 2015

Completed Cross Stitch - R. Ivan's "Alice"

Iconography.  You know who this is without me giving any "deets" (details) which I think is kind of cool actually. 

That is the beauty in seeing an image and understanding who or what it represents and all of its associations without an explicit explanation.  If you have ever read a Dan Brown book:  think Robert Langdon.

This is my first experimental design (I have a gran
d total of 2 btw) that has ever made it to cross stitch completion and I am glad it is still a "back burner" thing because it is very, very time consuming and frankly not very easy LOL.  

There is a lot of agony that comes from finalizing details and design (fashion designers unite and groan all together!) ha ha.

As an example, for those of you who know your shoes, I was hemming and hawing over whether to add socks to be sported with the Mary Janes.  Am I right?  Small, yet important detail.

But the main reason that I wanted to post this is that I wanted to show now matter how a small an idea or big of a desire anyone has, you can make it real and it does not have to be perfect on the first go. 

Now this may apply to you differently and in your own way but whatever your dreams are, start small and try and take some steps to make it real and see how it goes.  You can always change your mind :-)  But challenges are good (e.g. "ahem"...linen vs. aida/evenweave.."ahem").

So, this micro cross stitch is just that....very tiny (1.5" high) and at the time of making it (at night) it was a little tricky to see good placement for back stitching (Ottlite was too far away). 

Although I did not mark this remnant, I believe this is a 22-count Aida cloth that I cut up from a larger bolt and experimented with green RIT dye (I still have to try Kool-Aid, coffee and tea and see the different outcomes).

Instead of dipping it in a wash, I just used a paint brush and painted from the bottom up and also from side to side in one application.

So hey, now I can say I have designed and "published" my first cross stitch picture.  I can't wait to hear about and see some of the steps that you are taking in your life for your desires to come true too!