Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Completed Cross Stitch - Barbara Campagna for Stitch Notions "Lollipop Flowers"

Shape.  Biomorphic shapes represent biological or organic things.  I really like these Lollipop Flowers because of the exaggerated circles which still look natural on top of the soft-edged rectangle backdrop.  They kind of look like fried egg flowers or futuristic mums.

Although the pattern calls for DMC threads, instead of following the colours exactly, what I did was find what threads I have on hand that is close to the model and experiment.  So far so good.  I used 2 threads over 4 squares and a variety of solids and overdyed ‘The Gentle Art’, ‘Weeks Dye Works’, and 'Crescent Colours' and I think it is working out well.  It looks like a have a new and different picture which is a bit refreshing because I am not sure exactly how it will end up.  A bit of a surprise I guess.  Kind of cool!
Although it is hard to see, I dyed the brown fabric with a slightly darker brown to see what kind of effect of one colour on top of another.  It is almost too subtle.  In fact, if I did not tell you about the dye, you probably may or may not have noticed.  However, despite the failed dye experience, the upside is that if you never experiment you will never learn what works and what does not work (generally and catering to your own personal tastes). 

Now, having said earlier about not following the pattern, I have nothing against stitching the pattern exactly as suggested especially if you have a kit because it would defeat the purpose of buying a kit.  However, if you have your own fabric (no matter what colour), separate floss (no matter what kind/colour), and some intrigue and imagination you can create your own picture that is unique and wholly individual that is not only a one-of-a-kind but a treasured piece from the didactic experience (didactic = intending to teach).