Saturday, July 1, 2017

WIP SMALL – Dimensions Gold Collection Petites - “Amaryllis in Bloom”

So...this kit ran out of the silver cord, trying to locate the right replacement thread match to finish....

Although the white Amaryllis is the focus, I really liked this design because it includes ivy. 

I believe each picture is so unique and so different to each person who views it.  Now some of you may love the Amaryllis way more than the ivy, or neither, or just like the pot. 

When stitching, what matters is that you really enjoy the picture you are creating because, in my opinion, you are putting in a lot of personal hours to shape the finished product and take pride in the outcome right?

However, there have been several WIPs I’ve abandoned that were failed experiments or I had too many frogging episodes (that’s where you keep ripping out stitches incorrectly placed in the design). 
Do I regret leaving some work behind never to return?  Nope, not at all.  And yes, I thought I would love the design when I started but the process became arduous and dull.  If you don’t love it, don’t do it.  Enjoying the process could almost be more important as the result.  I say the same thing when I go clothes shopping:  “do I love it?” No?  Then don’t buy it.  The cliched saying, “life is too short” holds true for not loving what you are doing, buying, wearing, etc.  By mentally performing the “do I love it?” self-check you save yourself a lot of remorse.  It’s okay to leave something behind if it doesn’t work for you because then there’s room for something new, fantastic, and truly enjoyable.