Friday, August 16, 2013

Completed Cross Stitch - Plaid Bucilla's 'So Girly!' series "Forever Friends"

This finished piece is from a kit complete with stitching essentials (micro scissors, 3 needles, a threader and floss organizer - bonus!!).

The finished size is 4" x 7.75" on 14-count Aida cloth (100% cotton).  The original white packaged cloth was hand-dyed by me with my handy dandy RIT dye:  denim.  I ever so lightly bleached out the centre to give it a little brightness in the middle to highlight the subject.  I made the mistake of snapping a Q-Snap frame onto the freshly dyed and iron-dried cloth too quickly...I probably should have waited a day for proper drying.

A girl and her is a little hard to pinpoint and articulate the special association from the day-to-day interactions that form those bonds; however, if you are an animal lover and your pet has either feathers, scales, chitin or fur, you probably already have experienced that special unspoken connection for yourself. 

But getting back to cross stitch though I noticed that there are few and far between pictures of a girl and her dog with the exception of a female socialite pictured with a pampered pooch here and there.  I know that typically females are associated with cats and males with dogs but hey, what's in a pet stereotype right?

The latest audiobooks that I covered recently (while I was baking and a few extensive walks with my dogs) have been Rick Riordan's "The Lightning Thief", "Sea of Monsters", John Grisham's "The Testament" and what really fueled me during this project was watching AMC's "Breaking Bad" series.  I can see why that show is getting nearly perfect reviews but it is extremely graphic and not for everyone so if you are light-hearted and like gentler programs, you may want to bypass this series.